100 Years Of Harold Lloyd's Glass Character



2017 marks 100 years since the first appearance of the Glass Character, Harold Lloyd's most memorable comic persona and the star of his greatest shorts and features. To mark the occasion, we'll be celebrating the centenary on big and small screens around the world.

In donning a humble pair of spectacles, Lloyd added another dimension to an already successful career and secured his place in the pantheon of great silent comedians alongside the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. The development of the Glass Character would see Lloyd make the bold move to shed the Lonesome Luke persona, and his Chaplin-esque trappings, that had secured his popularity from 1915-1917 and create a style all of his own.  See Full Article BY Park Circus



Harold Lloyd Virtual Reality Museum

Last week June 22- 23, the VR Society presented the first annual ‘Art of VR’ two-day festival at Sotheby’s, New York. This event contained many filmmakers, animators, and artists who are finding new ways of expressing their creativity through the use of the latest virtual reality technology. Over the span of the two days leaders of the media, production, and advertisement industry were able to have illustrations and panels discussing the future of media. Not only were creators able to share insight of what the future of media holds, but they were also able to unveil previews of their latest projects.

   One of the newest projects to be unveiled at the ‘Art of VR’ event is the Harold Lloyd Museum. Harold Lloyd Entertainment and Loot Interactive will help bring Harold's life back to this new generation using the newest technology. The Harold Lloyd Museum will be entirely in virtual reality. This museum will share insight to Harold Lloyd’s life showing vides, pictures, and objects of important moments of his life. This new museum will share pictures that Harold Lloyd produced over decades ago originally in 3D. Suzanne Lloyd, president Of Harold Lloyd entertainment, stated that the “Loot Interactive team is helping to expand Harold’s Library for this generation and for many more to come”  Article of Reference



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